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I have trusted Sun Dental with my teeth for more than twenty years. I have not been disappointed. Service has always been friendly, professional and thoughtful.
I had a crooked lower tooth for many years. Dr. Heidi fixed that problem with ClearCorrect. It took about a year but it was worth the time, cost, and minor discomfort. It worked well for me. My mouth feels and looks better.

-- Andy Rossoff

They're the best. They keep up on the latest technology, are very precise - perfectionists really.
They are very concerned that your procedure be pain free and know how to get you numb without hurting.
They don't cut corners. In my opinion, experience and understanding , they do everything the best. I can confidently say that in every area of dentistry, they are the best, there could be none better.

-- Cindy Jernigan

My family and I have had great experiences at Sun Dental. Sun Dental is caring, conscious, and competent.
The Sun Dental team has made us feel comfortable in going to the Dentist and we look forward to getting our teeth cleaned and checked. Sun Dental has done many procedures for our family that have been accomplished through state-of-the-art technology and high precision care.
I wholeheartedly recommend Sun Dental for all your dental needs.

-- Dave McQueen,
Superintendent, Kelseyville Unified School District

We have been going to Sun Dental for over 25 years. We have continued because of the excellent dentistry and artistic craftsmanship. They are also current on the newest technology and techniques.
Our friends are traveling to Santa Rosa and Ukiah for procedures their dentists here in Lakeport don’t perform. We can get these procedures done right here at Sun Dental. We don’t need to leave town.
-- Bob and Laisne Hamilton