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Gentle and Caring Dentistry

Sun Dental has been providing its patients with personal and friendly service for over 37 years. Dr. Heidi Sun has extensive training in advanced cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. Using the latest technology Dr. Heidi will confidently handle any and all of your dental needs.

We consider all of our patients a part of our family. With proper dental care you can keep your teeth healthy for life – and that’s what we like to help our patients do.


Sun Dental Satisfaction Guarantee

Sun Dental realizes that we are in an economic recession. During this time we know that a lot of thought will go in to the decisions made with regard to your dental health. We would like to assure you that in choosing Sun Dental, the quality of care you receive will never be compromised. We pride ourselves in our advanced techniques and our ability to offer full-service dentistry.

As it has become an economic challenge for some of us to pay for our dental needs, we offset that by offering third party financing when needed. We strive to make our prices competitive and will work closely with you regarding your budgetary concerns. We want to aid you in your ability to receive quality service as you proceed to make an investment in your health.

We value you as a patient and would like to help you in the best way possible.


Sun Dental

Payment Options

In addition to making your dental experience comfortable, we work very hard to make financing comfortable! We have several ways to finance your dentistry, and we will work with you to find the plan that best meets your needs.

We accept:

  • Most insurance plans
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard
  • Third-party financing

Please call and ask us about your financing needs. Our office specialists will work with you to help you find a way to handle all of your dental needs.

Insurance Accepted

Dental insurance is great! As a courtesy to our patients we will gladly help fill out all those complicated forms and work with you to get the maximum reimbursement. We even accept the assignment of insurance benefits so that your "out of pocket" expenses can be minimized.

All we ask is that you provide the practice with all your insurance information or insurance booklet so we can help you. We cannot bill your insurance unless we have all your information. Should any changes occur in your insurance coverage, you will need to inform the practice in order to ensure you receive as accurate an estimate as possible.

You should remenber, an insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. The practice is in no way a party to that contract. That means the doctor works for and is paid by you. Insurance is a way to reduce the portion you are required to pay, but ultimately you as the patient are responsible for any portion due that the insurance company does not pay.

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